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Who We Are


BioNeex is the first open exchange platform for R&D-stage licensing and collaborative partnerships in the biopharmaceutical industry.

The platform facilitates licensing and co-development partnerships for discovery, preclinical and clinical stage compounds at biotech, biopharmaceutical companies and research institutions.

Additionally, it facilitates investments, acquisitions, joint ventures and other types of collaborations.

In essence, BioNeex provides an ecosystem for biopharma, biotech companies and research institutions, where they can meet and partner.

BioNeex Platform Solutions

The BioNeex user interface provides two distinct services for client companies.

  • List compounds on a global scale creating broad visibility.
  • Search and directly access the data on these compounds, which can enable to expand the R&D pipeline.

Companies listing compounds have access to multiple tools:

  • Distinguishing scientific data and information about the compounds, making it more useful and easier to find.
  • Upload non-confidential information in PDF
  • Submitting compound data to a third party partner to perform revision, including available information on financial potential and market competitiveness.
  • Building a complete compound profile, including tailor-made scientific and competitive market data based on the tools above, which creates value for companies searching for compounds.
NOTE! The provided information should be only non-confidential.

Companies searching for compounds have access to:

  • The most complete, accurate and timely information about all actively in development or shelved compounds available for licensing, co-development partnerships or acquisition provided directly from compound developers.
  • Compounds that have undergone revision prior to listing on the platform. This will enable to move forward with due diligence quickly when entering into a licensing discussion.
  • Opportunity to contact directly the compound developers.