List Drug Candidate

BioNeex Investor Access (BIA) is a new business initiative that enables BioNeex platform members, the development-stage biotechs, to access BioNeex investor network to obtain funding for further development of their preclinical / early clinical-stage drug candidates listed on BioNeex.

BIA has been created in collaboration with BioNeex platform member, SilkTech Biopharmaceuticals’ CEO, Dr. Brian Lawrence, who is an experienced fundraiser, has already raised millions of dollars for his clinical-stage biotech company. Dr. Lawrence is also a member of StartX, a Stanford’s founder community, where he has access to serial entrepreneurs and distinguished investors.

In order to be considered for BIA, a development-stage biotech needs to join BioNeex as a Provider, list its drug candidate and apply for it, and this is all for FREE. After receiving the application, the BioNeex team together with Dr. Lawrence will review the application and will get in touch with the company’s representative to clarify open questions and provide suggestions to improve the pitch. Each month the best applications that have been selected, will be presented to the BIA’s investors network and those that will be chosen will be directly introduced to the investors.

BioNeex Investor Access as a new initiative along with BioNeex Interview strengthen the BioNeex vision, which is to increase the likelihood to get the innovative drug candidates through the right partners into the clinic and, ultimately, to the patients as novel medicines.