Interview with CEO of Audacity Therapeutics, Barbara Handelin

  About BioNeex | BioNeex is the first open exchange platform for R&D-stage licensing and collaborative partnerships in the biopharmaceutical industry. The platform facilitates licensing and co-development partnerships for discovery, preclinical and clinical stage compounds between biotech, biopharmaceutical companies and research institutions. Additionally, it can initiate investments, acquisitions, joint ventures and other types of collaborations. The BioNeex user interface provides two distinct services. First, companies and research institutions can list their in development or shelved compounds available for licensing or co-development partnerships creating broad exposure on a global scale. Second, companies can search and directly access these compounds, which may fill their R&D pipelines. In essence, BioNeex provides an online infrastructure for biopharmaceutical, biotech companies and research institutions, where they can meet and partner. About Audacity Therapeutics | Audacity Therapeutics is a Public Benefit pharmaceutical company. We seek a new community of people and companies who also want to produce great medicines for our common health and economic welfare. Audacity Therapeutics is a team of six seasoned drug developers, entrepreneurs and inventors that bring a history of highly innovative FDA/EMA approved products and a commitment to running a thriving business serving the public health. Our mission requires us to redress each element of contemporary business models to meet our mission — from utilizing strategic financing to alternative distribution channels. We are innovating every aspect of running a pharmaceutical business – from a profit balanced portfolio, to reducing research costs, to collaborating rather than competing in a new “Public Benefit Pharmaceutical” economy.

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