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Interview with CEO of SilkTech Biopharmaceuticals, Brian Lawrence, PhD

Apr 19, 2021

Research and Studies

About BioNeex | BioNeex is the first R&D open exchange platform in the biopharma industry. The platform facilitates licensing and co-development partnerships for preclinical and clinical stage drug candidates between biotech, biopharma companies and research institutions. Additionally, BioNeex initiates investments, acquisitions, joint ventures and other types of collaborations. The BioNeex user interface provides two distinct services: As a Provider, companies and research institutions can list their in development or shelved drug candidates available for licensing or co-development partnerships creating broad exposure on a global scale. As a Seeker, companies can search, access these drug candidates and directly contact the Providers, which may fill their R&D pipelines. In essence, BioNeex provides an online infrastructure for biopharma, biotech companies and research institutions, where they can meet and create R&D partnerships. BioNeex vision is helping preclinical and early clinical-stage biotechs to gain for their medicines in development a vital exposure to the right partners at the right time, which will increase the likelihood to get these innovative drug candidates into the clinic and, ultimately, to the patients as novel medicines. About SilkTech Biopharmaceuticals | SilkTech Biopharmaceuticals has developed a patented library of silk-derived protein (SDP) molecules. Its first product candidate is called Silk Derived Protein-4, which is a novel ingredient used in eye drop formulation to enhance coating on the eye.