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Interview with CEO of Vasocure, Eugene Dinescu

Mon Jul 05 2021 20:50:23 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Vasocure is a New York based clinical-stage novel therapeutics company with 62 therapeutic candidates in nephrology, cardiology, and oncology. The company developed the world’s first peptide, Pedifin, to directly treat neointimal disease and atherosclerosis. Pedifin is a first-in-class, 1st generation, IV drug that is a highly selective competitive inhibitor of F11 Receptor (F11R). F11R is over-expressed in neointimal disease and atherosclerotic plaques. F11R is essential for precisely regulating the stability and integrity of blood vessels. By blocking F11R, Pedifin can effectively inhibit the thickening of vessel walls and narrowing of the lumen, which means better blood flow, better dialysis and better survival for patients.

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