Interview with President & CEO of PepVax, Mahesh Narayanan

PepVax is a Maryland based early-stage biotechnology company developing a DNA-based drug delivery and development platform. PepVax is dedicated to improving the quality of life by designing, producing and marketing novel immunotherapy candidates for cancer and other greatest unmet medical needs. PepVax's platform, SMARTmid™ DNA vectors have been designed to be a DNA-based delivery system that can directly enhance the immune system via CD8+ and CD4+ lymphocytes that will then lead to tumor load reductions or the prevention of tumor recurrence. Preclinical studies of SMARTmid™ vectors along with anti-PD-L1 and/or anti-CTL4 is undergoing testing to demonstrate the potential to initiate a systemic immune response that can be lead decrease toxicities of current chemotherapies.