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BioNeex Interviews

BioNeex Interviews are part of the BioNeex vision. They provide a social media exposure to early stage biotech companies and their R&D pipelines in order to attract the right licensing and co-development partners. During the interview the interviewee, typically a biotech CEO, addresses the company’s message to potential partners, investors and other external stakeholders.
Bioneex-Angel Garcia Martin

Odylia Therapeutics is a Boston based independent nonprofit biotech organization focused on development of gene therapies for

Mar 30, 2022

Gene Therapy
BioNeex Interview with CEO of PepVax - Mahesh Narayanan

PepVax is a Maryland based early-stage biotechnology company developing a DNA-based drug delivery and development platform. P

Jul 5, 2022

CEO and Co-Founder of Neurocarrus, Dr. Paul Blum

Neurocarrus is a drug development biotech company headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska. The company was founded by prominent re

Jun 27, 2021

Vasocure CEO Eugene Dinescu

Vasocure is a New York based clinical-stage novel therapeutics company with 62 therapeutic candidates in nephrology, cardiolo

Jul 5, 2021

BioNeex Interview with CEO and Co-Founder of Animatus Biosciences, Stephen Navran

Animatus Biosciences is a Houston, Texas based development-stage biotech company developing regenerative therapeutics based o

Sep 13, 2021

Gene Therapy
BioNeex Interview with CEO and Co-Founder of Repair Biotechnologies Reason

Repair Biotechnologies is a Syracuse based late preclinical-stage biotech company developing first-in-class therapies based o

Nov 2, 2021

Cardiovascular Therapies
BioNeex Interview with Director Chief Scientific Officer of Moexa Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Stephen Porter

Moexa Pharmaceuticals is a multi national biotech company developing novel therapeutics focusing on the TGF-β/Smad3 signalin

Jan 12, 2022

Cancer Therapies
BioNeex Interview with President & CEO of RepliCel Life Sciences, Lee Buckler

RepliCel Life Science is a Vancouver based biotech company focused on aesthetics and orthopedics, developing tailor-made prod

Feb 22, 2022

Cell Therapies